Cell Line Development & Cell Bank Creation
Cell Line Development & Cell Bank Creation
Pre-CLD Development

The biophysical and biochemical properties of lead candidate antibodies are analyzed using bioinformatics and structural biology methods prior to initiating cell line development to reduce the risk of CMC development. At the same time, combined with the high-throughput experimental platform, the optimization and screening of candidate molecules can be quickly completed to prepare for the development of CLD.

Cell Line Development

Cell line development connects drug discovery and preclinical development, and its speed, yield, and quality all affect preclinical CMC research. Based on a deep understanding of drug development and rich experience in a variety of popular expression systems, Aton cell line development provides efficient services including expression plasmid optimization, cell pool screening, gram-grade sample preparation, stable cell line development and GMP cell banking to support customer drug development and clinical trial application with speed, high yield, and compliance.

Cell Bank Creation

Cell bank is the key raw material for biopharmaceutical production. Aton has rich experience in the whole life cycle management of cell bank, including the tech transfer of cell bank construction, GMP operation, cell storage and transportation, off-site backup, and the corresponding document management system.

  • Perfect quality system, cell bank management system in compliance with cGMP regulations of NMPA, FDA, EMA
  • Extensive experience in cell banking, including monoclonal antibodies, dual antibodies, and fusion protein projects, with experience in commercial re-cellbanking
  • Diversification of dispensing mode —— manual dispensing, automatic dispensing. Compared to manual dispensing, automatic dispensing is faster and has higher cell stability after dispensing