Business Ethics
  • Business Ethics

    Aton takes quality and integrity as the principle, all employees strive to deal honestly, ethically, and fairly with our suppliers, customers, and competitors. Aton is committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity, and strictly abide by the relevant laws and regulations, and conduct that may involve falsehood, misdirection or fraud will be pursued to the end. 

    In line with that commitment, the Company expects and encourages everyone who have concerns about any suspected misconduct or malpractice within the Company to come forward and voice those concerns through the whistleblowing channel. Compliance reporting:

  • IP Protection
    Trust is the cornerstone of cooperation. While promoting the development of the biopharmaceutical industry, Aton also values the trust of our customers. Intellectual property is the lifeline of our customers. We have formulated the highest level of intellectual property protection policy, will defend the interests of our customers with the highest standards, resolutely oppose and crack down on any criminal activities involving intellectual property.